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What is Happening to our Church?

As you probably know, there are changes afoot and we want people to be properly informed about them, and not rely on parking lot gossip.

From August 31, 2018 our formal relationship with St Mark Lutheran Church has come to an end. We will continue to work together on mission activities, and support one another's events, and we hope that the many friendships we have made will continue and grow. We are not, however, actively seeking to merge our two congregations.

This means we have to face the consequences that we are living beyond our means and drawing too heavily on our endowment. The Diocese has taken action to ensure that we cannot continue to do so, which is forcing us to take actions that we know we need to take, but have not until now had the will to do.

To keep people informed, the Rector wrote an update in August which can be read here.

On September 1, 2018 Mike Lillpopp, Senior Warden, wrote a further update, which is the first of a monthly series. It can be read here.

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