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Lillpopp Scholarship 

The Joanne C. Lillpopp Music Scholarship provides one year of private music lesson instruction & materials for students who demonstrate a commitment, interest and aptitude in music. We are thrilled to be able to offer this scholarship now in its seventh year.

Scholarship Application

An Application Form for the 2017 scholarship can be downloaded here.
Applicants should familiarise themselves with the accompanying letter which can be downloaded here.

2016 Lillpopp Scholarship Recipients

Please take a moment and get to know five outstanding individuals from the CCSArts family, who demonstrate aptitude, commitment and love of music. In particular, we would like to thank the families who have sacrificed, and struggled, while continuing to support their child in the Arts.

Christ Church School of the Arts is very proud to present the recipients of the 2016 Joanne C. Lillpopp Music Scholarship.

Mara Gutt
Fredarikah Mechealyea
Jada Grace Williams
Mika Rondash
Vianey Hinostroza


  • Mara Gutt

    My dream to play the cello began Christmas 2015 in a wish granted by my mother. My request of a rental and teacher for lessons were found (on my 10 year old son's insistence). I am 39 years young, working nights to provide for the two of us. Having lost the knowledge of how to read music and never holding the instrument before, when I drew the bow for the first time...It was true magic. Winning the 2016 Lollipop Scholarship brings me more than a smile and adds to my drive to make its wood sing. This gift? Is heart felt and means everything to be able to finally realize a passion - to challenge my fingers to make its rich sound. Thank you for the 6 months of classes and the faith in my journey. Sincerely, Mara Gutt

  • Fredarikah Mechealyea

    Hello, my name is Fredarikah. I am currently 11 years old and residing in Norwich, CT. I have been studying the viola for about three to four years. I am very thankful for the absolutely wonderful gift of the 2016 Joanne C. Lillpopp Scholarship through CCSArts. I will use this incredible chance to deepen my understanding of the culture of music. Sincerely - Fredarikah

  • Jada Grace Williams

    Hi, my name is Jada Grace Williams and I am blessed to be one of the winners for the 2016 Joanne C. Lillpopp Music Scholarship. I have been enrolled in the school since I was 5 years old and I’m 11 now. I believe I was born with a special gift and love for music. My dream is to play the piano on New Years Eve in Times Square, NYC, when I grow up. I am so happy and super grateful to have received this scholarship from CCS Arts because without it I don’t think I would be able to continue taking piano lessons. I have the best piano teacher, Jesse, and love CCSArts. Thank you so much !

  • Mika Rondash

    Hi, Mika here. I’ll be 11 years old this summer. I’ve been with CCSArts for over 3 years now, playing the piano with Mr. Glaude. I love piano, and hope to one day to teach music at schools. I also like soccer and baseball. I love being in the Greenhouse at school, and hope to have things planted and growing at my house this spring. I’m a huge animal lover. I also want to be outside as much as possible.

  • Vianey Hinostroza

    Hi my name is Vianey Hinostroza I’m 10 years old and I live in Norwich, CT with my parents and my older brother. My greatest passion is playing piano though I would also love to learn guitar. A few of my hobbies are doing things such as playing sports like soccer and basketball. My dream is to be able to write my own music and perform in front of hundreds of people. So thanks to my teacher Jesse Nathan Glaude I have learned so much within the time that I’ve been learning from him. I am very glad to have learned from the best and as well being granted with the 2016 Joanne C. Lillpopp Music Scholarship..

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